Acupuncture in pregnancy


During pregnancy, there are many issues and complaints that can be helped by having acupuncture treatments. But is it safe?

The answer is yes!

The amount of research is vast, and the health benefits are numerous. The list is long, but some include; morning sickness with nausea and vomiting, general care including fatigue and exhaustion, insomnia, pain, anxiety and depression, headaches and migraines, gestational carpal tunnel syndrome, and habitual and threatened miscarriage.

Probably the most well-known use of acupuncture during pregnancy is to turn a breech baby. This involves the burning of moxa sticks near an acupuncture point on each foot. This technique is commonly used with midwives as well as acupuncturists during the final weeks of pregnancy.

And lastly, post-partum recovery shouldn’t be overlooked. It happens so frequently that the attention on new Mums can lapse as the focus turns so quickly to that of a new baby (or babies). Acupuncture can be beneficial to aid recovery from the labour and birth, promote lactation, restore blood loss and to strengthen the body after a life changing event.

Sleeping with the seasons


Wise Sages of ancient China had much to say about the art of living. On sleep, they advised to follow the rhythm of the seasons: 

- Spring is a time for breaking out and bursting. Sleep at nightfall, rise at dawn.
- Summer is a time for blooming and blossoming. Sleep at darkness, rise at dawn.
- Autumn is a time for sizing ad settling. Go to bed early, rise up early.
- Winter is a time for storage and shutting down. Go to bed early, rise up late.

The insight here is that as Yang energy 

The seasons impinge on us all and the ebb and flow of nature effects our lives and our health. What’s certain, is that these guys didn’t subscribe to the ‘8 hours fits all’ philosophy! 

So can this be useful in the modern day. With electricity and climate control, we can recreate midday light and summer warmth during the depths of the winter night. Perhaps then, we are affected less by the seasons... or perhaps it is no wonder that many of us have trouble sleeping? 

If you are having trouble sleeping, we can help to understand what may be the root cause.

Back pain


 “Acupuncture with you has significantly improved my chronic back pain.” – Joanna, King’s Cross Acupuncture Patient.

Could acupuncture also help with your back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek out Acupuncture treatment, and for good reason. The British Acupuncture Council writes that Acupuncture may provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and improve mobility. More information is available here.

And this is just Acupuncture alone. At King’s Cross Acupuncture we also offer additional techniques such as Cupping, Moxa, Gua Sha and Tui Na Massage, all of which may offer even greater relief.

This month we are offering packages of 6 appointments for the price of 5 for patients with back pain.

Your acupuncturist will treat any pain you are suffering from and will also look for any underlying causes or weakness that may be contributing factors, thereby improving your overall health and strength.